We at Paradigm II LLc. / JB Carpet & Upholstery Care are pleased to prepare a bid for the cleaning of your facility. We are the Key to establishing patterns of success! Paradigm team is a Small Business registered with the SBA Kansas City MO .

Paradigm II LLc. Would like to share with you ten good reason to do business with us!

  • Dependable
  • Trustworthy
  • Stability
  • Timeliness
  • Quality
  • Fairness
  • Hardworking
  • Small Business
  • Qualified Staffing
  • Cost efficient

We have proven time after time why we should be considered when it comes to your final clean phase of all your projects! We have worked for the Directorate of contracting in Fort Riley KS with many projects in the past and have received exceptionally high ratings. This is no coincidence; Our Quality Control Program ensures our clients a clean facility. When taking on a project we prepare by establishing your requirements and than taking those requirements and preparing a plan on how best to implement those requirements. After considering Labor, Cost, Supplies, and equipment needed to do the job, we than are able to provide efficient services at a reasonable cost! Paradigm II has listed the requirements for the cleaning of your facility. If these services need to be modified in anyway please notify us of any changes.
Corporate Experience:

Paradigm II LLc. Is the legal name of the company, DBA JB Carpet & Upholstery Care, Ramona Mosby helps coordinate projects and can be referred to in the absence of James L. Bolden Jr. Our experience in managing large projects was tested in January 2004 a cold winter in Ft Riley Kansas. Our task was to put together a team that could effectively do the job, in winter like conditions. In all there were 30 employees needed to facilitate our client’s needs.

Tasks included in the Statement of Work requirements. These requirements to be met fulfilled our obligations. Time restraints were part of the requirements, we needed to plan all task to be completed in 3 days on smaller buildings and in 5 days on larger buildings. Through a team effort we not only completed task in an orderly manner our Quality Control ensured a rating of 96% based on performance.

With our Quality Control procedures in place we can produce the same results each and every time! Paradigm II looks forward to establishing a long relationship with your company to continue to provide our services at a reasonable cost! Remember Paradigm II is the key leading to patterns of success! We believe in ourselves and we believe in you.

No project is too small or to large given the sufficient amount of notice, we will staff and manage project from the beginning too the end. We believe in teaming with Paradigm team. This will accomplish immediate rewards; you will get the service required the first time at a reasonable cost. Also you will be able to use our status as a Small Disadvantage Business as doing business 8 (a) certified this is a win – win situation for everyone.

Paradigm II LLc. Is the Key Leading to Patterns of Success! Let us be the company you look for when considering Final Clean Up. We have been in business for over Ten Years cleaning residential and commercial buildings locally or throughout the State of Kansas.
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